Oil Paintings and Giclees

Photo Feb 21, 2 42 59 PMHazePage specializes in Oil Paintings and Giclees of western NC artist Hazel Halle.

Her painting education began in Pittsburgh in discovering her passion for poetry, jazz and oil painting in the 1960’s, where she studied with oil painters of still-life and landscape Tony Massaro and Charlie Pitcher.

She studied life drawing at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and after moving to Manhattan studied with master painter, David Leffel and the stained glass artist Raphael Nemeth.

Hazel has broadened her career into the professional nature since 2011, after exploring art interests in designing and producing stained glass pieces, hand-built pottery, calligraphy, and other artforms.

An emotional element supports naturally derived landscapes and floral forms.  As well as local inspiration , she has drawn inspiration from scenes visited in Charleston, Provence, Pittsburgh and Nashville.

Trees and flowers have a personal significance in her work because of what the painted tree or flower or woodscape is expressing in an emotional way. Childhood memories such as the Cinderella Tree have been subjects for oil work.

CinderellaTree-websizeIn the past couple years she has found inspiration in mental images derived from song lyrics like “a bottle of rain” or “I will meet you by the witness tree.” She implements her studies in her own emerged style of oils on canvas: both real and capriccio landscapes, retrieved from life living as an artist in motion.

Pennsylvania born, she found a connection to nature in childhood ; this imbibes itself into many of her studies, felt and seen in a number of the works presented here in the oil paintings for sale, (while some are reserved and being retained for loved ones and friends.)

Giclees are professionally recreated paintings on canvas in a near-exact nature to the originals, either touched by the artist’s hand with embellishing techniques, or available as a standard giclee print. Oil painting originals are also available.

Businesses find a special desirability with giclees and embellished giclees, achieving professional and unique artwork for their business offices and lobbies within a sweet price point to garnish their professional surroundings with artwork to match.

Over 80 paintings will soon be available, giving a wide array of canvases to beautify and professionalize the workspace.

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