A Bottle of Rain


Giclee Archival Print:  Original 11×14 (W x H)
Embellishment: Using...

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Who else is gonna bring you a broken arrow
Who else is gonna bring you a bottle of rain
There he goes moving across the water
There he goes turning my whole world around

-Broken Arrow, Robbie Robertson

Giclee Archival Print:  Original 11×14 (W x H)
Embellishment: Using artistic techniques, each Giclee canvas becomes unique, as the artist uses embellishment techniques to enhance, putting brush strokes on the Giclee. To add embellishment, select it for as many Giclees as you’d like.

(Dimensions available up to 2x bigger or 1/2 smaller than original).

Our Giclees are hand-tailored, archive-pigment prints of the original oil painting; captured by state-of-the-art Hasselblad camera or Ultra HD scan. They are then hand-tailored to color match, finally printed at quality of Giclees that hang in the world-renowned museums like the Smithsonian, Louvre, and others.

*Note on sizes: Chosen size will be longest side; other side will be at proper dimension to original. (IE: An 11×14 original – chosen size 20, will turn out approx. 17″w x 20″h)
* Frame Not Included.

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